Elemental analysis

Arguably, no manufacturing industry can function and develop properly without using precise determination of the chemical composition of the materials used in production. Metallurgy, machine building, petrochemical production, mining and processing industries, cement production and numerous research tasks require the use of modern devices for the analysis of metal and alloy chemical composition. MELYTEC LLC offers enterprises, research and development establishments and institutes high-quality equipment designed for high-precision chemical and phase analysis of ores, alloys, metals, ceramics, soils and liquids.

We offer equipment that can be used in various industries which require analysis of the structural and phase composition or the chemical composition of alloys, ores or metals. For example, a handheld XRF alloy analyzer will become indispensable if there is a need for a rapid metal composition analysis. It can be scrap metal sorting, component quality diagnostics during repair and maintenance, and express incoming diagnostics of the quality of raw materials supplied to an enterprise.

For high-precision examination and analysis of ores and alloys in enterprise laboratories, MELYTEC LLC supplies special stationary optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis produced by Bruker (Germany), a leading manufacturer of equipment for the chemical analysis of metals and alloys, which helps to determine their structural and phase composition. These spectrometers allow for high-precision certified analysis of various metals and their alloys. Such equipment is a necessary attribute at any enterprise which requires constant quality control of manufactured products. Another equipment used for these purposes includes Bruker XRF spectrometers and diffractometers. The range of models produced by this leader in the sphere of X-ray spectrometry, is designed to meet a diverse range of needs for conducting high-quality chemical and structural analysis of various materials.

For detection of light elements, such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and carbon, in solid materials, MELYTEC offers modern Bruker gas-forming element analyzers.

All of this equipment will allow your company to continuously monitor the quality of incoming raw materials and improve the quality of products..