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MELYTEC offers portable spectrometers (analyzers) by Bruker for fast analysis of various materials. These portable (handheld) spectrometers are covered by manufacturer’s warranty, and our certified service specialists will perform commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment.


One of the most popular Bruker portable spectrometers is the S1 Titan handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer which has replaced the well-regarded S1 Turbo SD LE handheld spectrometer and has many improved features. For example, the X-ray tube has become much more powerful, and the anode is made of the most suitable material — rhodium. Unlike silver or gold anodes, the rhodium anode allows to increase power, achieve maximum accuracy in detection of light elements and increase the X-ray tube service life. Another important factor for ensuring the best results is FAST SDD, a special Silicon Drift Detector: in combination with the compact geometry of the X-ray tube and detector in relation to the specimen, it allows to obtain high sensitivity, minimize X-ray absorption in the air and thereby ensure the best results, especially for light elements in metals and alloys. Software has also been improved, and now all portable spectrometers use a Linux-based operating system which has made it possible to increase the analytical signal processing speed and ensure stable communication with peripheral devices.

A unique feature of the S1 Titan is the special patented Titan detector shield protection system, which is included in the basic configuration of all S1 Titan analyzers. The detector protection is installed at the manufacturing factory and does not affect the measurement results, including the results achieved for light elements in the analysis of metals and alloys. Such protection helps to protect the expensive detector from damage when performing routine tasks, especially when analyzing the chemical composition of nails, bolts, nuts, studs, bars, wires, sharp articles, chips and other small articles of various shapes.

The S1 Titan spectrometers offered by MELYTEC LLC are presented in several configurations designed for various tasks, including handheld metal and alloy analyzers:

S1 TITAN 200, S1 TITAN 300 и S1 TITAN 500, which allow you to identify elements in the range from Ti and U with maximum speed and accuracy. Such handheld XRF analyzers are widely used for metal and alloy sorting at factories in such spheres as processing of secondary metals and scrap, burden material sorting, precious metal detection, etc. The S1 Titan 500 handheld metal analyzer ensures almost immediate identification of not only steel or alloy grade and their chemical composition, but also of the composition of various non-ferrous metals, such as copper, zinc and nickel alloys, as well as determination of the rate of gold and silver in precious metals and much more.

S1 TITAN 600 is the most versatile handheld XRF analyzer which allows detection of elements in the range from Mg to U. This spectrometer allows accurate analysis of aluminum and titanium alloys of complex composition, precious metals, geological materials, detection of heavy metals in consumer goods, cement industry materials (analysis of fluxes and lime), precious metals, liquids, electrolytes, etc.

S1 Titan can be equipped with a desktop stand, various special telescopic holders, a holster, etc. The S1 Titian 600 manual spectrometer can also be equipped with a video camera for viewing the analysis area, which allows the software to automatically attach a photo of the analysis area to the measurement results report.

S1 TITAN 800 is the most versatile handheld XRF analyzer (spectrometer) which has the largest set of components, and its standard configuration includes many options for a wide range of tasks. This spectrometer allows you to come up with an individual configuration for solving a specific task, and specialized software enables using it not only as a portable metal analyzer, but also as a full-featured stationary device for solving particularly challenging problems.


The most advanced handheld spectrometer for researchers is the brand-new TRACER 5 spectrometer, available in two versions: TRACER 5i and TRACER 5g. It is, undoubtedly, the most powerful and perfect portable spectrometer in the world at the moment.

TRACER 5 has replaced the well-regarded TRACER III SD LE x-ray fluorescent analyzer and has received many improved technical features, as well as new software for maximum flexibility of on-the-go configuration change. The X-ray tube voltage and current can be changed directly on the spectrometer screen. You can change the diameter of collimators and primary radiation filters. You can view the spectra and measurement results, and carry out full control of TRACER 5 from an external computer, start and stop the measurement, process the spectra, select one of the various calibrations for processing analysis results, or create your own calibration. You can also use a desktop stand, which allows you to use the TRACER 5 as a full-featured stationary device with a powerful X-ray tube and a modern detector with an increased area.


The new EOS laser spectrometer was developed based on the LIBS technology and allows to analyze aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys at a speed of 3-5 seconds which used to be unattainable. This spectrometer has already received excellent reviews from users in the sphere of aluminum and titanium alloys recycling, incoming alloys control, aerospace industry and other areas.


In April 2018, BRUKER launched the new CTX portable desktop XRF spectrometer. The device is presented in various versions with different ranges of detected elements and has a strong one-piece stainless steel housing. The analysis area is isolated with an airtight lid with an opening sensor integrated into the safety circuit, which completely eliminates the possibility of operator exposure to radiation during the measurement and makes it unnecessary to obtain a sanitary and epidemiological certificate for working with ionizing radiation sources. The spectrometer is equipped with ready-made calibration software packages that allow you to analyze a wide range of solid and liquid substances without any prior adjustment. The device is equipped with a built-in battery and an external power connector, which allows it to be used as both a desktop and a portable device for conducting measurements not only in a laboratory, but also in the field conditions.