X-ray fluorescence


X-ray fluorescence spectrometers

Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) Bruker spectrometers are represented by such models as S2 PUMA, S2 KODIAK, S2 PICOFOX and S4 TSTAR. Nowadays, this spectrum analysis type is the most popular one in various manufacturing spheres and quality control in research. S2 PUMA is perfect for metallurgical production (analysis of metals, slags, concentrates and ores); environmental and geological services; for analysis of soil, limestone and fertilizers; for the production of construction materials, etc. The compact design, convenient touchscreen and a patented SDD detector are the factors that make this X-ray fluorescence spectrometer stand out among other devices.

S2 PICOFOX and S4 TSTAR X-ray spectrometers were specifically designed for situations, in which it is required to provide a high-precision spectrum analysis of microscopic objects and specimens with a very low concentration of the inspected material. Such requirements may arise in medical research (blood, plasma, biofluids tests), in the production and control of pure substances, in forensics, archeology and restoration. The special geometry of location of the fluorescent radiation detector and the excitation source makes it possible to increase the sensitivity of the device by several orders of magnitude (up to ppb fractions), and the absence of the need for additional cooling and gas supply makes it possible to use S2 PICOFOX and S4 TSTAR both as stationary laboratory equipment and directly near the inspected objects.

Wavelength dispersive Bruker spectrometers are represented by such models as S8 LION, S8 TIGER and S8 TIGER ECO. They are intended primarily for laboratory control of incoming raw materials or finished products in manufacturing. The product line is characterized by a high variability of configuration and is designed for use in various production areas. S8 TIGER is the most advanced model among all industrial XRF spectrometers, its distinguishing features being the highest measurement accuracy (up to 0.05 rel.) and analysis of a wide range of materials in a wide range of elements (from beryllium to uranium). The S8 LION wavelength dispersive multichannel spectrometer is the best solution that provides minimal analysis time, high accuracy, reproducibility and long device life. Spectrometer S8 LION is simply irreplaceable in the cement, mining, mineral processing and metallurgical industries.