Electron microscopes

Melytec LLC sells electron microscopes by Thermo Scientific (formerly produced under the FEI brand, USA). This is modern equipment designed for scientific research. Unlike common light microscopes, they use an electron or ion beam focused up to the nanometer range, which significantly increases their resolution. Our catalog includes devices of various types:

  • desktop;
  • scanning;
  • transmission;
  • dual beam.

A wide range of accessories and add-on units allows you to choose and configure a model that best suits your needs. On our website you can buy reliable high-resolution equipment, as well as additional equipment for such devices, including: wavelength dispersive and energy dispersive analyzers, devices for cathode-luminescence or diffraction of back-scattered electrons. We also offer accessories for various types of analysis performed with the use of electron microscopes. They allow you to quickly perform dynamic experiments or in situ experiments and obtain accurate data.

You can find detailed information on microscopes and energy-dispersive analyzers (EDS) on our website. If you need any additional information about their characteristics and prices, or you have any other questions, please, contact Melytec LLC specialists.

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