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The FEI dual beam electron microscope.

Combining all the best features of scanning electron microscopes and ion beam microscopes, the FEI dual beam systems are versatile instruments for performing all the research and analysis tasks which can be performed by electron microscopes. In many production and scientific spheres, the presence of a dual beam system is an essential success factor. For example, in microelectronics, it is critical to know the exact component dimensions, layer thickness and identify defects — all of this can be performed only with the help of dual beam systems, and constructing thin films for transmission electron microscopy with high-precision accuracy and from a certain spot is crucial for the production of transistors with dimensions measured in nanometers. There are also many metallography and metalworking tasks that cannot be performed without the use of this type of electron microscopes.

The most versatile FEI dual beam system is the universal Cross Beam Scios which has inherited all the advantages of the legacy Versa 3D system and has both a unique high-resolution electron gun for nano-range observation of specimens and a high-capacity gallium ion gun (Ga +) which ensures fast and efficient performance of all the necessary types of analysis and modifications. In combination with the gas injection system (GIS), this microscope can perform even the most difficult tasks and will be useful in all spheres, both in production and in scientific laboratories.

Using cutting-edge technologies, FEI has created a more advanced version of the dual beam system with various modifications — Helios Nanolab. An ultra-high-resolution electron gun, a unique set of detectors, as well as a proven and reliable ion gun, similar to the one installed on Scios microscopes, provide results of exceptional accuracy and precision which help to solve even the most complicated tasks. If the research involves the observation of large specimens, which require long ion-beam etching time, or etching is impossible, the Helios system can be equipped with the most advanced plasma gun based on xenon ions (Xe +) with a very fast etching rate and a sufficiently high accuracy, thus, upgrading the system to Helios Plasma FIB.