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FEI (USA) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of all classes of electron microscopes and ensures unsurpassed quality, reliability and unique characteristics of the manufactured equipment.


The FEI electronic microscopes provide maximum resolution and a wide range of options for retrofitting with various additional equipment, which significantly expands the range of research tasks and increases the accuracy of their results.

You can purchase and install the following additional equipment for your electron microscopes:

  • an energy-dispersive microanalysis system (EDS);
  • a wavelength dispersive analysis system (WDS);
  • an electron backscatter diffraction system (EBSD);
  • various tables and accessories for all types of analyzers used in electron microscopy.

The electron backscatter diffraction system (EBSD), WDS and other advanced state-of-the-art achievements and developments used in FEI devices provide unequaled results in micro-, nano-, and pico ranges.


Depending on your tasks, we can offer several various FEI scanning microscope models.

  • The perfect solution for routine tasks is the FEI Prisma scanning microscope with a tungsten filament cathode and a unique environmental operation mode (ESEM).
  • If your research requires high resolution obtained by using a Schottky field emission cathode and versatility, the best choice would be the Quattro microscope which is unequaled in its ability to work with any specimens.
  • The best model for observation at maximum magnifications is the Apreo SEM with a unique electron gun which combines magnetic immersion and an electrostatic end lens. This microscope has replaced the Nova Nanosem and Teneo models.
  • For research which requires a particularly high accuracy, we suggest a Verios system SEM which is characterized by an unequaled resolution capacity.

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