electron microscopes


Scanning electron microscopes

Scanning electron microscopes made by Thermo Fisher Scientific company.

Having incorporated the best features from FEI scanning electronic microscopes the scanning systems from Thermo Fisher Scientific company are multi-purpose tool for all possible researches and analyses available for electron microscopy methods. Availability of a SEM for many production and science directions is the mandatory success factor. For example for metallography and metal working it is critically important to know a structure and an element composition of materials as well as available defects and inclusions at the micro and nano level — all these can be found and measured using the current SEM. There are still more problems of material engineering and biology where the solution is impossible without use of electronic microscopes of this type.

High and ultra high resolution electron guns, unique set of detectors, wide analytical capabilities and feasibility of in-situ dynamic experiments enable to obtain exceptional results for stream-lining and quality providing answers to the most complicated raised questions.

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