Desktop scanning
electron microscopes

Desktop scanning electron microscopes

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Desktop scanning electron microscopes by Thermo Scientific.

Thermo Scientific (USA) produces Phenom scanning electron microscopes — the fastest, most efficient and versatile desktop microscopes with superb characteristics which are getting more and more popular around the world.

Due to the maximum magnification of up to 1.000.000 x and the ability to determine the specimen’s elemental composition in a precise spot (EDS analysis in a spot or on a line, and elemental area mapping) in real time, Phenom desktop electron microscopes perform up to 90% of all tasks that could previously be performed only using a conventional floor-standing electron microscope. The unique design allows this electron microscope to be installed on a regular desktop with the size of 150×70 cm, and does not require a separate laboratory room with special preparation. Phenom does not require compressed air, liquid nitrogen, or any other special facilities and ensures ease of operation. This allows Phenom to be used for a wide range of various tasks, including express analysis in the following spheres: materials science, production quality control, forensic science, pharmaceuticals, research tasks, specialist training and nanotechnology.

The simplicity and the intuitive interface of the Phenom desktop electron microscope allows it to be operated even by a person with little knowledge of electron microscopy. The training for working with this device only takes a few hours. It only takes 30 seconds after speciment loading to display a high-quality SEM image.