Transmission microscopes

Talos Talos

Themis Themis

Transmission electron microscopes (TEM).

FEI is the world’s leader in the development and production of transmission electron microscopes with the highest possible resolution capacity in its class.

The Talos transmission electron microscope is the perfect choice for advanced research tasks. Talos is the updated version of the popular Technai TEM which incorporates the best features and combines the outstanding high-resolution of the S/TEM and TEM (transmission electron microscope) technology with better EDX signal detection, chemical analysis of three-dimensional objects and a mapping function. The image quality is enhanced even further with the help of the FEI S/TEM Velox software.

The Titan transmission electron microscope has cutting-edge resolution capabilities and the highest possible characteristics and is constantly upgraded. Includes the world’s most powerful TEM: Titan Themis, Titan Krios and Titan ETEM.

Combining time-tested components such as spherical aberration correctors, a monochromator system, a table with a piezo-electric drive, FEI Velox ™ software and a 16-megapixel FEI Ceta CMOS camera, Titan ultra-high resolution transmitted electron microscope provides easy navigation and quick zooming which helps to get highly-detailed images up to the level of atoms.