Hardness testers

Hardness testers

Melytec LLC sells various types of hardness testing machines. The following machine types are presented in the catalog:

  • stationary and portable instruments;
  • models designed for measuring the hardness and microhardness;
  • Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell hardness testers;
  • universal devices which allow testing with the use of several methods;
  • various accessories.

The equipment sold by our company can be used to measure the hardness of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, composite materials and ceramics. They are used for testing both in laboratory and at manufacturing facilities, and in the field conditions. They are used in such industries as machine building, metallurgy, energy, transport, and chemical industry.

A wide range of hardness measuring devices allows everyone to find an option that is best suited to perform their tasks.

On our website, you will find instruments for measuring the hardness of inspected specimens by means of a mechanical method. Their distinguishing feature is the use of an indenter. An indenter is an anvil pressed under a certain load into the test surface. Indenters are made of various materials, including steel, hard alloys and diamond.

The main features of the hardness testers which are presented in our catalog and are used for steels and other materials:

  • high measurement accuracy;
  • a wide range of loads;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • the ability to work with specimens of various sizes;
  • reliability;
  • an affordable price.

Many stationary metal hardness testers are equipped with touch screens and allow you to carry out research both in manual and automatic modes.

Descriptions and technical characteristics of the available hardness testers are presented on our website. All products can be delivered within Moscow and to other Russian regions. If you have questions about the design features of the models you are interested in or about the specifics of measurement techniques, please, contact Melytec LLC representatives. They will provide you with understandable and informative answers.

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