Microhardness testers

Microhardness testers

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Melytec LLC sells stationary microhardness testers which can carry out measurements in accordance with the current standards: ISO 6507, ASTM E384, ISO 4545, GOST 8.063-2012, GOST 9450-76 and GOST R ISO 6507-1-2007. These devices are designed to determine the hardness and microhardness of materials. They are widely used in the machine building industry, in metallurgical production, and in laboratories of research and development establishments. The data they obtain help make it possible to measure the hardness of thin coatings, phases, tiny articles, micro-tools, other specimens and to measure the thickness of the coatings after such procedures as, for example, hardening or carburization.

The hardness and microhardness of materials, surface layers and coatings is measured by pressing a diamond indenter into the specimen. The indenter’s load may vary over a wide range. The models in our catalog cover almost the entire load range of Vickers tests: from 0.25 gf to 62.5 kgf. This allows you to study specimens using just one instrument instead of several devices operating in different load ranges.

These modern devices help to obtain high-resolution camera images that are of equal quality with those obtained using optical microscopes with a total magnification of 1000x or more.

The main features of stationary microhardness testers according to Vickers which you can buy from us:

  • high measurement accuracy;
  • a wide range of loads — from 0.25 gf to 62.5 kgf;
  • automatic mode of parameters determination;
  • the ability to determine the parameters of the material using other methods: according to Knoop and Brinell.

Many models are equipped with a built-in PC with a touch screen which makes them particularly convenient to use, and eliminates the need for an external computer.

All microhardness testers according to Vickers presented in the Melytec LLC catalog conform to Russian quality standards. All models are provided with detailed technical documentation. If you have any questions about the design features of devices, the specifics of their operation, the parameters of materials they can work with and other issues, please, contact our managers.