Hardness testing machines according to Rockwell

Hardness testing machines according to Rockwell


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Melytec LLC sells hardness testing machines manufactured by Emco-Test and designed for hardness testing of various materials. In this section, you will find machines for Rockwell and Super Rockwell hardness testing. An indenter penetrates a hard material with a defined force, and then the residual depth of the indent made by the indenter is measured after applying the pre-force and the total force, and the results received are displayed on the indicator or the screen. This method is used for testing specimens made of metals and alloys, as well as carbon and various plastics.

Our catalog includes Rockwell hardness testers of various types. They are characterized by the following features:

  • a wide range of loads;
  • the ability to work with high specimens;
  • reliability, easy maintenance;
  • easy operation;
  • inserts that allow working with specimens of various shapes, such as spherical, cylindrical, etc.

Such devices are widely used:

  • in production, to control the quality of products made of hard metals, as well as for the incoming inspection of raw materials and workpieces;
  • in laboratories, in the development of new designs and materials.

Our company offers you to buy a state-of-the-art Super Rockwell hardness tester at the best price. Technical specifications and descriptions of all the devices available are presented on the website. If you require any further information, please, contact managers of Melytec LLC