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Pendulum impact testing machines

Melytec LLC sells pendulum impact testing machines — devices used to perform laboratory impact testing of various materials. This is reliable and easy-to-use equipment that fully complies with the modern requirements. Our catalog includes impact testing machines of various types:

  • floor-standing;
  • desktop — particularly compact and ergonomic.

A wide range of devices allows every customer to find a device that is best suited to perform their tasks. Many of the models we offer can be used as part of high-precision measuring systems. They can be easily connected to a PC, and you can use Russian-language software.

The operation principle of a pendulum impact testing machine is quite simple. The machine is equipped with a rotating around a fixed axis. It falls onto the examined specimen from a certain height, and then makes a reverse pendulum motion which is recorded on a special scale. Such a machine can be used for performing various tests:

  • according to the deformation type — impact bending and other tests;
  • impact resistance tests;
  • according to the number of impacts;
  • under various temperature conditions.

The smart design allows these devices to be operated continuously under intensive conditions. They are easy to use: some of the devices presented in our catalog do not require any additional foundation for installation, while the specimens are placed on supports and centered using an efficient mechanized system. The set of equipment usually includes interchangeable pendulums that make it possible to vary the impact energy and expand the device capabilities.

The machine developers have also paid great attention to safety. The impacts applied to the specimen by the testing machine do no harm to the operator, because the devices are equipped with reliable protective shields. If necessary, these shields can be easily demounted. This makes the equipment maintenance between tests significantly easier.

You can find detailed information (such as specifications, descriptions and prices) on the pendulum impact testing machines presented in the Melytec LLC catalog on our website. If you have any questions, please, contact our representatives. Our employees will provide you with understandable, informative and comprehensive answers.