Optical microscopes

Modern industrial microscopes provide a wide range of opportunities for laboratory research. Optical microscopy makes it possible to obtain a multiple magnification of the inspected object, display images on a computer screen, save images and perform automated software image analysis. All these features are used in medicine, machine building and education. Melytec LLC offers a comprehensive solution to the tasks of industrial and research organizations in the sphere of materials science, chemical and phase analysis, as well as physical and mechanical tests. We supply microscopes at the best prices, service, set up and repair modern microscopes of various types — metallurgical, stereo, confocal, digital and other microscopes.

The list of products on our website includes the best equipment for industrial optical microscopy, which meets the highest requirements and offers the best technical characteristics. The catalog includes following types of microscopes:

  • upright. Allow observation in direct and reflected light with a range of magnification from 12.5 to 1500 times. The examined surface is placed under the lens. The available contrasting methods include bright field, dark field, DIC, polarization, fluorescence, MIX, DDF and phase contrast.
  • inverted. In the optical arrangement of inverted microscopes, the specimen is placed above the lens, and the examined surface is directed downwards. This arrangement makes it possible to observe the entire investigated surface of large specimens in focus at high magnifications. The main application spheres of such microscopes are materials science and metallography.
  • stereo microscopes. Are used to observe the macrostructure of the surface, welds, fractures and defects. Such microscopes include models with a low magnification of up to 100 times; however, thanks to a special optical arrangement, such microscopes build a three-dimensional image during observation through the eyepieces, which distinguishes them from common optical and electron microscopes. Ergonomic mobile supports allow stereomicroscopes to be used for observation of large objects that can not be placed on the table
  • inspection. Are used in the microelectronic industry to control the quality of semi-conductor wafers, microcircuits, displays and LEDs.
  • measuring microscopes. Are intended for conducting linear and angular measurements along the X, Y, Z axes of tools, mechanism parts and microelectronic components.
  • polarizing. Are a type of optical upright microscopes designed to observe the structure of ores, polymers, minerals, crystals and other objects in polarized light according to the orthoscopic and conoscopic methods.
  • confocal. Are designed to control the quality of microelectronic components, tools, study of surface topography and optical properties of transparent coatings. Can be used as laser profilometers, measurement and tool-room microscopes. Their main distinguishing feature is the resolution of 6 nm along the Z axis and 120 nm along the X and Y axes.
  • digital. Are represented by several models that can be used as microscopes for materialographic analysis and quality control of microelectronic components. Are distinguished by the complete microscope controls motorization (table, zoom, optical system), which simplifies and speeds up the observation process on a metallurgical microscope and ensures the highest results reproducibility.
  • portable. Are used for observation of large objects which do not allow specimens to be removed for examination in a laboratory using a stationary device.

We can offer you modern inverted, polarizing, upright, metallurgical, as well as scanning electron microscopes and other research equipment at the optimal quality-price ratio.

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