Image analysis systems

Microscopes are used to observe metallic and non-metallic objects in reflected or transmitted light. They are indispensable in metallurgy, geology, mineralogy, archeology, and several other areas of science and technology. However, in addition to obtaining a high-quality optical image in the eyepieces, in most cases, the operator needs not only to display the image on the computer screen, but also to analyze it using special software.

For these purposes, Melytec offers such image analysis software as Olympus Stream (Japan), Siams 800 and Thixomet (Russia).

Olympus Stream

The Olympus stream image analysis platform is a series of software packages developed specifically for material science laboratories. The range of products provides simple workplace automation solutions for both experienced professionals and young specialists. Excellent quality-price ratio. There are modules that allow combining several enterprise workstations into a common network via the Internet or an internal local area network. The advantages of the Olympus Stream analyzer include such functions as the extended focus imaging (EFI), manual multiple image alignment (MIA), as well as the construction of 3D surface models (EFI 3D).

Siams 800

The main advantage of the SIAMS 800 analysis system is that it is certified as a measuring instrument and enlisted on the Russian Register of Measuring Equipment. Siams 800 allows automated analysis of digital images of metal and alloy microstructure. The software complex determines quantitative characteristics and microstructures of materials, prepares statistical analysis and test reports, forms atlases for digital images and material examination protocols.

The SIAMS 800 analyzer contains ready-made specialized automated image analysis solutions suited for typical materials science tasks.