Confocal microscopes


Confocal microscopes

Melytec LLC supplies laser confocal microscopes. This modern research equipment has a significantly wider range of capabilities compared to conventional light microscopes. They can help you capture not only two-dimensional, but also three-dimensional images, obtain information about the surface profile, measure the thickness of semi-transparent coatings, etc.

Laser confocal microscopes are used as a tool-room microscope for measuring linear dimensions, angles, radii, etc. The measurement accuracy makes these microscopes suitable for quality control of measuring, metalworking and medical instruments, microelectronic components and other parts, the inspection of which implies conducting measurements in the XY, XZ and YZ planes. One of the features of the LEXT OLS5000 microscope is the ability to construct models and conduct measurements of surfaces with steep slopes of up to 87.5°

The laser microscope allows you to study the structure and surface topography with the detection of level differences of up to 6 nm for transparent and non-transparent specimens which is why it is widely used in materials science, forensic science and microelectronics. Thanks to the use of a 405 nm wavelength laser light source, illumination, a confocal optical arrangement, and the use of Photomultiplier tubes instead of conventional CMOS or CCD detectors, LEXT OLS5000 has a very small depth of field that makes it possible to determine the focal plane height and to construct high-precision 3D surface models. Special software allows you to measure the profile, area and volume of the obtained models. In the model section plane, it is possible to measure linear dimensions, circle radii and angles. Images and models are saved using a special format that can be used to carry out additional measurements, if necessary.

The distinguishing features of the new LEXT OLS5000 confocal microscope:

  • Measurement of level differences of 6 nm;
  • The lateral resolution of 120 nm;
  • Guaranteed accuracy of linear dimension measurements in images obtained by the panoramic stitching method;
  • high scanning speed due to special algorithms;
  • enhanced contrast due to the double confocal arrangement;
  • 4K color images;
  • an ability to work with samples of various sizes and shapes;
  • innovative noise reduction scanning algorithms.

The special frame design allows measurement of specimens with a height of up to 210 mm, and new lenses, adjusted for work with a 405 nm laser with an increased working distance, allow you to examine surfaces in recesses of up to 25 mm. You can find the descriptions and specifications of microscopes for measuring linear dimensions presented in the Melytec LLC catalog on our website. If you have any questions, our employees will be happy to reply.