Digital microscopes

CIX100 CIX100

DSX1000 DSX1000

The DSX series of digital microscopes includes the DSX110 stereo microscope, the DSX510 upright microscope and the DSX510i inverted microscope (which can be used as a metallurgical digital microscope). DSX microscopes are characterized by the use of the modern contrasting methods, such as directional dark field (DDF) and mixed contrasting (MIX).

Olympus has also developed a new fully motorized technical cleanliness inspection system — the CIX90. The CIX90 system has the advantage of using the brand-new method for simultaneous detection of reflective (metallic) and non-reflective (non-metallic) particles on filters, which makes the analysis twice as fast.

Opto-digital microscopes® represent a new class of microscopes offered by OLYMPUS.

The distinguishing features of this class are the ease of operation, unsurpassed optics quality, the integration of a digital camera, special software and full motorization of microscopes without a draw tube.

Unlike common digital microscopes, the images are characterized by unsurpassed quality, while common digital microscopes have lower image quality compared to optical microscopes. Another important factor is the very high level of reproducibility and guaranteed accuracy of measurement results.