Upright microscopes

BX61 BX61


BX43 BX43

Upright microscopes are designed for examination using direct and/or reflected light. The total magnification range depends on the microscope model and varies between 12.5 and 1500 times (in some cases up to 3000 times).

The Olympus BX61 microscope is characterized by a high degree of motorization and the possibility of installing a motorized illuminator with a 6-position turret with cubes for fluorescence, DIC, dark field, etc. Another feature of the Olympus BX61 microscope is the built-in motorized focusing unit.

The BX3M series microscopes are designed for performing a wide range of tasks. Depending on the configuration, the Olympus BX53 microscope can be used as a polarizing microscope, a microscope for viewing minerals, a metallurgical microscope, etc.

The Olympus BX43 microscope is designed for observation in transmitted light using such methods as bright field, dark field and phase contrast, as well as in reflected light using the fluorescence method. If necessary, it can be equipped with reflected illuminators.

The Melytec catalog will help you to get information about the microscopes and choose one that is most suitable for performing your tasks. Each catalog position is accompanied by a detailed description and a photograph of the polarization microscope.

All equipment supplied by us is provided with technical documentation that makes it easier to start working with the devices and confirms their quality. If you need professional advice, please, contact our representatives, using the contacts listed at the bottom of the page.