Materialographic preparation

MELYTEC offers various equipment by Struers (Denmark) for the preparation of specimens for further examination.

Struers ApS (Denmark) is the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment and consumables for specimen preparation. All knowledge is integrated into one system which includes development and servicing of equipment and technical support for customers.

All pieces of equipment and consumables produced by Struers (Denmark) are specifically designed to be compatible with each other and, in combination with technical and information support, they help users achieve excellent results at each stage of specimen preparation.

The range of specimen preparation equipment is vast and includes the following subsections:

  • Cut-off machines and related accessories. These machines have both tabletop versions (for high-precision cutting) and floor-standing versions (for cutting of large workpieces).
  • Equipment for hot compression mounting and cold mounting of specimens into various resins.
  • Various versions of grinding and polishing machines. Their range includes both high-performance models for high-intensity laboratory research, and compact tabletop systems designed for high-quality specimen preparation in small laboratories. We also offer various accessories and consumables for this type of equipment.
  • Equipment for electrolytic preparation of metallographic specimens by means of polishing, etching and thinning.
  • Automatic systems for high-precision material removal during preparation of printed circuit board specimens. This equipment can be provided with additional holders for measuring the tilt angle and thickness of the inspected specimen surfaces.
  • Equipment for non-destructive specimen preparation of various surfaces which are inaccessible to stationary machines.
  • A set of equipment for the preparation of mineralogical, geological and ceramic specimens. This equipment allows you to perform all the stages of the preparation process — from initial cutting to the final polishing of thin sections or polished sections, ready for further microscopic examination.

MELYTEC also offers various laboratory accessories and provides its customers with methodological and information support in relation to preliminary specimen preparation for analysis.

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