Cut-off machines

Axitom-5 Axitom-5

Discotom-100 Discotom-100

Discotom-10 Discotom-10

Labotom-15 Labotom-15

Labotom-5 Labotom-5

Secotom-60 Secotom-60

Secotom-20 Secotom-20

Secotom-6 Secotom-6

Accutom-100 Accutom-100

Accutom-10 Accutom-10

Minitom Minitom

As an exclusive distributor of Struers (Denmark), MELYTEC LLC offers its customers a wide model range of abrasive cut-off machines produced by this manufacturer. Struers’ cut-off machines are high-capacity equipment designed for performing a wide range of tasks related to cutting of various materials, metals and alloys. This model range of cut-off machines includes both high-precision tabletop solutions, and stationary floor-standing systems. All available cut-off machines perform cutting with cooling.

Tabletop laboratory cut-off machines are widely used for precision cutting of soft and hard specimen materials. These models are also used for production and quality control of printed circuit boards and for applications which require metal cutting without deformations and with high-precision cutting coordinates positioning.

General-purpose stationary cut-off machines are represented by manual, mixed and fully automatic versions. A wide selection of accessories and supplementary equipment makes it possible to buy a cut-off machine designed for a specific production task. Cut-off wheels for Struers cut-off machines shall be selected separately for each material.It is necessary to allow high-precision cutting, free of any deformations and structural changes. For this purpose, our customers can purchase a wide range of cut-off wheels modifications designed for various materials. MELYTEC LLC also offers a wide range of accessories for the machines you buy: various specimen holders, cutting tables, clamping tools, cooling systems, etc.

All cut-off machines are provided with official Struers warranty and high-quality post-warranty service. By choosing to buy equipment from us, you choose to be confident about the trouble-free operation of your equipment.