Hot and cold
mounting equipment


Hot and cold mounting equipment

As an exclusive distributor of Struers (Denmark), MELYTEC LLC offers its customers a wide model range of equipment for hot compression mounting and cold mounting of specimens.

In order to facilitate following preparation and improve its results, specimens can be embedded into various resins. A laboratory hot mounting press and equipment for pouring resin are used for this purpose. If it is necessary to obtain perfect edge retention or to protect a surface layer, a specimen shall necessarily be embedded into resin for further preparation, to achieve best results.

There are two main techniques: hot compression mounting and cold mounting. Both mounting techniques offer certain advantages, depending on the number of specimens, their types and the requirements. Hot mounting is ideal for compression of specimens if a high compression quality is required. The resulting mounts will be of uniform size and shape, have high-quality edge retention and be plane-parallel.

Cold mounting is suitable for a large series of specimens coming to the lab simultaneously, and for single specimens.

MELYTEC LLC also offers a wide range of consumables for presses and accessories for hot and cold mounting equipment: automatic dosing systems, databases for compression mounting techniques, various specimen holders, cooling systems, etc. We also offer all the necessary consumable materials: resins, powders, molds, etc. All hot and cold mounting equipment is provided with official Struers warranty and high-quality post-warranty service. By choosing to buy equipment from us, you choose to be confident about the trouble-free operation of your equipment.