Industrial micro CT

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is a non-destructive method of imaging the internal structure of an object with a resolution of up to hundreds of nanometers. Ionizing radiation passing through the specimen is attenuated — absorbed and scattered, and the attenuation degree depends on the thickness and density of the object under inspection, as well as the radiation intensity and energy. According to a set of shadow projections, using the filtered backprojection (FBP) algorithm, we perform layer-by-layer recovery of X-ray density values ​​(recover an image from a set of its line-integral projections at different angles). The choice of CT for the study of various materials is determined by its non-destructive nature, applicability to objects in a wide range of densities, with almost any chemical and structural composition, as well as technical development of the method.

Equipment for implementing this method is classified by spatial resolution, parameters of the objects under examination (size, X-ray density, etc.), and by additional techniques used in scanners. A revolutionary solution exclusively distributed in Russia by Melytec is the equipment under the brand name NSI of North Star Imaging. These are systems for industrial digital radiography and computed tomography with a fully variable source-specimen-detector geometry, a wide energy range, and a unique line of x-ray sources for different scanning modes: from nano-focus scanning for low-density carbon-carbon composites to the high-energy mode for studying large and dense specimens. This equipment is able to carry out additional mechanical and temperature tests with mechanical and temperature testing stages for CT, including the reconstruct a complete 3D CT model that includes time and motion (4D tomography). The system is supplied with a unique hardware and software solution for scanning objects of any shape and composition, including automation of all processes and an intuitive five-step interface for acquisition, reconstructing, analyzing the received images and creating three-dimensional models.

The customers are offered a three-level training system:

  • a forty-hour course on digital radiography and computed tomography, with an internationally recognized ASNT or NAS410 certificate awarded upon completion;
  • a four-day basic course on working with the selected system and software;
  • a four-day advanced course with detailed information on various approaches to solving problems for the application chosen by the customer.

The company provides a full range of services: from online consultations on scanning and working with software packages to upgrading existing systems. In addition to the basic warranty service, there is a flexible system of service contracts, which includes:

  • regular preventive maintenance;
  • a company specialist’s visit for diagnostics and repair upon request;
  • a discount system for the repair, modernization and replacement of separate nodes;
  • additional training programs.
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