Hardware and software solutions

Hardware and software solutions

FilterWheel FilterWheel

MosaiX MosaiX

SubpiX SubpiX

VorteX VorteX

NSI systems are supplied with original software, including an efX-DR package for image acquisition (X-ray tube and detector operation modes, focal lengths, automatic filter change, selection of the required resolution, number of scans, digitization, etc.), and an efX-CT package for the reconstruction and creating three-dimensional models. Moreover, the systems are supplied with unique hardware and software modules, which significantly improve the quality of both the scan itself and the reconstruction from stacks of 2D images, namely:

  • spiral scanning;
  • SubpiX, a technology that improves image sharpness using minor detector offsets (within a single pixel) at the moment of image capturing;
  • MosaiX, a technology for seamless stitching of several images into one image;
  • FilterWheel, a system for automatic filter selection and change for different scanned objects;
  • ringReduction, a technology that eliminates ring artifacts using detector offset in the process of image acquisition.