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The choice of a digital radiography and computed tomography system is mainly influenced by the specifics of tasks. This method significantly expands the capabilities of X-ray control and is widely used to assess the quality of casting, analyze the deformation and wear of components, study complex structural materials, study oil core, control printed circuit boards and electronic components, additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, etc. For each of these applications, you can choose a unique solution from the North Star Imaging tomograph line. A wide choice of x-ray sources from nano-focus for studying low-density low-contrast materials to the high-energy mode for studying large and dense specimens, and unique hardware and software modules allow you to choose the tomograph which suits most tasks perfectly.

The standard cabinet-type version is a floor-standing device with strong steel frame and internal lead (Pb). The design guarantees the level of radiation emission into the environment of less than 1 µSv/h at any point at 10 cm from the device surface, which complies with the requirements of the radiation safety standards. In addition, the device both ensures the locking of the tomograph door throughout the operation of the source, and is equipped with special sound and visual alarm systems.

The open-type solution without a protective housing is intended for use in existing rooms or chambers with X-ray shielding. Such systems have the entire functionality of the basic versions and allow you to work with non-standard specimens that are larger than the housing of a closed-type system.