X-ray diffraction

X-ray diffractometers by Bruker are the manifestation of quality and state-of-the-art developments in the sphere of modern diffraction analysis. MELYTEC LLC offers its customers a wide range of this equipment for solving various problems in the sphere of X-ray structure analysis. Bruker diffractometers are successfully used in various areas of science and industrial production: at glass manufacturing enterprises, in instrument engineering and microelectronics, in metallurgical and mining industries, in research centers and laboratories of educational institutions.

We offer the most advanced devices for performing almost any tasks in the sphere of powder diffraction analysis. The D8 ADVANCE X-ray diffractometer has a modular design which makes it significantly easier to change the device configuration. Due to the use of innovative developments, the D2 PHASER desktop diffractometer combines the analytical capabilities of large diffractometers with the size of a small benchtop system.

The optimal diffractometers for research laboratories and various application tasks are the D8 DISCOVER and D8 ADVANCE laboratory diffractometers. The modular design, a wide range of various X-ray sources, optics, detectors, sample holders, etc., make it easy to change their configuration from simple to complex. The new D8 ADVANCE ECO diffractometer combines almost all features of research systems and significant operating cost saving due to the lack of need for an external cooling system and low energy consumption.

We also offer the industrial diffractometer D8 ENDEAVOR designed to facilitate quality control and process control at enterprises with various specializations. D8 ENDEAVOR allows to determine the qualitative and quantitative phase composition of a large number of specimens in industrial production.

When choosing the Bruker AXS diffractometer, you choose consistent results accuracy and operation reliability.