optical emission

Mobile optical emission spectrometers

Mobile spark optical emission spectrometers (portable emission spectrometers) are designed to carry out quick analysis of the elemental composition of alloys, including the analysis of elements such as C, S, P, N. In just 10 to 15 seconds, they determine the content of elements from ppm to percentage level in both pure metals and complex alloys. MELYTEC presents mobile metal analyzers manufactured by Bruker. As of today, Bruker manufactures the widest range of emission analyzers, from large stationary instruments for analyzing one or several matrices to small portable and mobile CCD based spectrometers.

Mobile optical emission CCD based Bruker spectrometers ensure reliable analysis of concentrations from 10-3% and at the same time are quite flexible to allow the users to calibrate the necessary matrices and elements themselves. The device design is reliable for operation in severe field conditions.

The software automatically controls all device parameters and allows the user to easily identify the material brand using the built-in databases.