Measuring microscopes


Measuring microscopes

Measuring microscopes are designed primarily to control forms and sizes of parts and mechanisms as well as other products which operational specifications expects exact accuracy. In addition to control of forms and sizes the measuring microscopes depending on a model can be used for surface roughness measurements.

The main distinctive feature of measuring microscopes is availbility of a rigid frame resistant to temperature deformations, an antivibration table and a measuring system itself. The measuring system is understood as a device of exact control of sample movement in relation to the microscopeobjective along axes X, V, Z. Such devices can be mechanical, mechanical and digital and mechanical and electronic.

For measuring microscope it is required to be equipped with a measuring table equipped with recorders of distance traveled during sample movement. Thus moving a sample under the cross-wire from point А to point B the operator can measure distance to high precision. For distance measurement along axis Z the laser confocal auto focus systems are used or a system of laser pattern projection on a sample surface for the most accurate focusing. Following focusing on the surface the recorder registers the position of the focusing mechanism. Then the operator focuses on the other surface AND the recordershows distance between the first and the second planes.

The model range of measuring microscopes Olympus is provided by toolmakers’ microscope STM-7 in 6 variants and confocal laser scanning microscope LEXT OLS5000 in 5 variants.